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WhatsApp Danger Call

TO All direct and in-direct users of the Mobile Application named WhatsApp please kindly read carefully the following Mid Night 12 if you get a WhatsApp call from 777888999 please dont answer that call , first of all the number isnt the proper one it is 9 digit number....

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Jowar is best in taste

Jowar is a vigor crop. People who eat jowar there vigor runs. Many people use to think that if they certain food that may increase their diabetes and some get confused too there ulcer may also increase due to their food choice but  there confusion will be cleared if...

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Delay in marriage visit this temple

As  per Hindu Religion people who have Naga Dosham i.e  curse of snakes  there marriage will be delayed. There are a few counter measures for every misfortunes in Hindu Religon one among such one for the current curse was Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple which is in krishna Distirct at...

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Nice Evening snacks with onion rings

In this chill atmosphere of winter at evening time with hot coffee or tea if we had something interesting and a snack with an ingredient which is already present in home and has been used in cooking on daily-basis. Then it will be different feeling totally. A snack which...